Second-hand or Clearance boxes

CartonPack sell a range of second hand (or clearance) boxes ideal for moving business or house or for those that require a cheaper alternative. The sizes and availability of our stock varies as supplies become available so it is best to contact us to see what maybe available at the time
Please note that the image below is not an indication of how the boxes may look, every batch can be different and we can advise or show you what is available at the time of your enquiry

Available Currently are the following clearance cartons:

440x300x501 (S60B) Heavy Grade Board - Plain Kraft
1110x260x410 (S30T) Twin Cush Board (Have printing on side) - Available as an item we can make as currently out of stock
750x630x560 (S30T) Twin Cush Board - Mixture of White and Plain Kraft
400x287x175 (S65C) Heavy Duty 4mm Board - Plain Kraft
470x310x155 (S45B) Heavy Duty 3mm Board - Plain Kraft
420x340x155 (S45CW) Heavy Duty White 1 side Board

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