Carton Pack's Box making Machinery

Carton Pack has an array of machines and equipment for producing cardboard boxes and cardboard packing supplies. Below are two most frequently used machines. We have featured these as these are directly responsible for our fantastic prices and fast turnaround time.

Why do other box manufactures charge more for the same product?

While some other competing box companies are lumbered with outdated machinery that cost more in labour to operate and result in slower turnaround times, we make the job look easy by effortlessly operating our new and highly effective machines that produce equal or better quality boxes, in shorter turnaround times, and at lower prices.

Less labour time + efficient machines = you save money!

Enko Die Cutter Box Machine

Die cut cardboard box making machine

This machine is an Enko die cutter. This is the very latest model from Korea providing the most precise results. It has a cutting bed size of 1500x1100 which will handle from very small to large die cuts.

Because this machine is so quick to set up it results in very low price boxes of the highest grade for both small and large runs. Flat bed dies are very competitive to produce as apposed to rotary dies, so we can accommodate to all your die cutting needs and 9 times out of 10 we can do so at a better price than our competitors.

Computerised Box Making Machine

Computerised Box Making Machine

This computerised box making machine is a New Zealand first as it was designed and manufactured right here in Christchurch. We can make boxes from as small as 88x88x88 to as big as 2000x1000x1000, five panel wraps down to 20mm in height.

Where our competitors need a cutting die to do this, we don’t as this machine does it all in one pass. The major benefit of this is that this saves you money! Ask us you'll be surprised at what we can produce on this amazing box maker for you.

This amazing box machine enables us to make one box upwards. Yes you read that right, one box upwards! If you just need one box, come in and see us at Carton Pack.